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Real Experts

JACE Real Estate has Real Estate Experts

At JACE Real Estate it is our responsibility, and our honor, to use our expertise when you buy or sell real estate. In order to do that we are committed to knowing more, in fact we exceed all statewide and national requirements for education.

Since we’re already committed to you, our expertise grows with every transaction and every question you ask, so ask away!



Real People

REAL People at JACE Real Estate

From the moment you arrive in our offices, you can tell we’re the sort of folks who actually like people.  Yep, that’s us.  In the tiniest moments of service, we most genuinely show who we are and learn who you are. And sure, we’ve sponsored youth sports, and we love our kids and pets, and help out oodles of service clubs, so clearly we like people… yet it’s in your moments of concern with your real estate that you see who we really are as professionals.



Real Service

JACE Real Estate provides the best Service

At JACE Real Estate we’re here to serve. Period. Like many an idealistic baby-boomer, our founder Jace Schmitz believed that every person had a responsibility to make the world a better place.

Jace would say “We’re a service business and how we treat people, how we sell real estate is precisely the way we make this world a better place.” ‘Nuff said.



Real Knowledge

JACE Real Estate has the most Real Estate Knowledge in the region

True knowledge in real estate begins with a lust for information, you know, the step-away-from-your-computer and go hike seventy parcels, tour one hundred homes (smells and all), read a whole bunch of zoning regulations and then put a smile on your face as you meet with dozens of builders, lenders, home inspectors, and the repair people who can get the job done, all in the pursuit of excellence for yourself and your clients…and you wonder why we look so tired sometimes…

Honoring Jace


JACE Real Estate Company
JACE Real Estate Company